Gel Polish Manicure £23    1hr

  File into shape, Cuticle work, and gel polish application.

Builder Gel application £5     30 mins    (when applied during Gel polish manicure)

  Either builder or hard gel is sandwiched in between layers to give additional strength to your mani.

Nail art from 50p per nail

 Send us an image so can we can give you an exact costing before you proceed. One finger of glitter or basic nail     art is free during your Gel polish mani.

Full set of Gel tips or sculptured Nail Extensions £45     2hrs

 Hard gel nail extensions to enhance the length of your natural nails, Gel polish colour included.

Full glitter nail art £3   15 mins

 Do you love sparkle as much as us. Treat yourself to full glitter nail application.

IBX nail treatment £20    45 mins

 Do you have nails that  break or flake treat we can treat your nails with IBX, includes mini manicure and 2  applications of IBX

IBX nail treatment £10   20 mins

 During gel polish manicure 

Gel Polish removal £10      20 mins

,Gel polish removal is FOC if Jinky has applied previously.

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